Scalable, sustainable and secure global IoT Connectivity

Connect &
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IoT Devices

Connect and manage your devices to over 600 networks in over 200 countries and territories through Velos IoT SIM, secure and resilient global IoT connectivity and the Nomad connectivity management platform.

Global Coverage.
Effortless Management.

Global IoT network coverage


Improve the reliability of your device connections worldwide with resilient global IoT connectivity through the best client-driven global network coverage and the best-in-country quality of service.

Simplified IoT Connectivity Management


Control your device connectivity within a single carrier-neutral platform that automates the management and streamlines troubleshooting.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Make your devices work for your business – and your customers.

Improve Patient Experiences

Improve operational efficiency through secure patient data and reliable connections for your healthcare organisation.

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Connected Healthcare Global IoT Connectivity

Enable Automation and Monitoring for Logistics

See how Velos IoT’s global IoT connectivity empowers Exel Technology to connect their taxis and align booking and dispatching for their drivers and passengers.

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Global IoT connectivity for transportation and logistics

Reduce Infrastructure Maintenance and Consumption

Our multi-carrier agreements provide the most vital connections and leverage telco assets to enhance data security.

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Global IoT connectivity solution for industrials.
“Technology is the most important thing that attracted us to Velos IoT. Now our support operation runs in “proactive” mode. We can predict when consumers are due to top out and ensure we have established connectivity. Our support operations can instruct our meters to roam in certain networks that we know perform better in certain areas and weather conditions.”
– Daniel Homer, Chief Executive, Meterix Limited
“Velos IoT provides us with a single vendor that allows global connectivity so that we can focus our resources on our core products and services. At a glance, we can use the Velos IoT portal to see how our devices are working through the world and identify problematic devices. Best of all, the staff at Velos IoT are knowledgeable and responsive when we have questions.”
– Brian Klawinski, Managing Director, Field Wise USA
“From working with Velos IoT over the last number of years, they have become an essential partner in our business; from having this relationship, we are confident that our M2M communications are in safe hands allowing us to concentrate on growing the business with the knowledge that we have, and we can remain competitive in all potential markets for all of our communications requirements.”
– Christian Litherland, Managing Director, Compass Asset Protection


Preparing for Global IoT Deployments

Read our white paper to learn how manufacturing organisations and providers can prepare themselves for global IoT deployment at scale.

What is a Private APN and How Can it Help With IoT Security

A private APN (Access Point Name) is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. Private APNs enable you and your staff to connect to the corporate network simply and securely.

Using Global IoT Connectivity to Improve Healthcare

See how m-Health used Velos IoT’s products and services to improve their connectivity, enabling faster diagnosis and improving access to treatment for over 36,000 patients.

Clear and Precise Real-time Equipment Mapping 

Learn more about how NanoLink uses global IoT connectivity to deliver precise real-time asset tracking for its clients.

Velos IoT NanoLink Case Study

A Quick Guide to IoT Asset Tracking

IoT asset tracking is one of the fastest-growing connected fields, with benefits ranging from optimisation and cost-savings to loss-prevention, predictive analytics and more. You can start by learning the basics with our quick asset-tracking guide. 

Velos IoT IoT Asset Tracking Cover