IoT in Manufacturing: Secure Cellular IoT Connectivity for Operations and Products

Whether you specialize in manufacturing industrial IoT equipment, IoT-enabled enterprise solutions, or connected consumer electronics, the reliability of your connectivity directly impacts your service quality. Velos IoT is your comprehensive connectivity service provider, ensuring seamless connection from the factory floor to your end products worldwide.

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Powering Smart Manufacturing and Connected Devices

Trust in our reliable connectivity for IoT in manufacturing and enjoy complete flexibility for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the manufacturing process, from construction to monitoring. Streamline global operations and seamlessly deploy your connected devices in over 200 countries and territories—Automate connectivity across the device lifecycle with zero-touch provisioning. Explore monetization opportunities to create new revenue streams with Velos IoT.

Connect Your Devices

Plug into one of the best global IoT networks with industry-leading coverage to manufacture and sell your connected devices globally.

Manage and Control Your Devices

Gain control of your Connected Devices worldwide from all deployment aspects – from provisioning and monitoring to billing with our Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform.

Visualize in Real-Time

Effortlessly view and monitor all your endpoints in real-time from a single-pane-of-glass.

Scalable IoT Solution

One provider for global connectivity, guaranteeing scalable solutions for your needs.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges in IoT Manufacturing

Our IoT experts excel in crafting tailored connectivity solutions for IoT in manufacturing, using advanced technologies such as 4G, 5G, LPWAN, and eSIM to ensure your deployments are future-proof and cost-effective. With a track record of managing over 30 million endpoints worldwide, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is designed for global implementations.

From empowering the connected factory to seamlessly linking OEM products pre-shipment, our presence in the manufacturing sector is poised for expansion. With our extensive mobile network coverage, we ensure applications and products can connect to the network with the strongest signal based on availability, data usage, and contract duration.

Our solution for IoT in manufacturing streamlines connectivity, ensuring continuous device connection across their lifecycles, freeing you to concentrate on innovation. With global bootstrap and operational profiles, you can swiftly link to local networks globally and adjust SIMs as required. Experience zero-touch lifecycle management via a customizable portal, providing pricing adaptability and round-the-clock global assistance. Enjoy global connectivity with 700+ multi-network coverage in 200+ countries using one single SIM for global deployments.

For endpoint detection & management issues

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is adept at managing and visualizing all your worldwide endpoints in one place.

For equipment maintenance challenges

Track and monitor your entire asset base centrally. Enforce data and security parameters for efficient performance. Set up exception monitoring and event-triggering.

For energy management inefficiencies

Leverage our world-leading Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) coverage to improve battery performance and support massive deployments.

For cost management issues

Leverage cutting-edge eSIM technologies, including over-the-air operator profile switching and multi-carrier features for optimum connectivity.

A Guide to IoT Connectivity Solutions for OEMs

As we delve into IoT connectivity solutions for OEMs, it becomes evident that embracing this technological evolution is a critical necessity. The convergence of IoT technologies in the OEM sector is reshaping the very fabric of industries, creating smarter, more efficient, and innovative manufacturing processes.

We have prepared a guide to IoT Connectivity Solutions for OEMs, in this guide, you will gain insight from the following:

– The role of OEM IoT Solutions
– Key considerations for IoT network connectivity solutions
– Best practices for IoT implementation in OEM
– Maximising telemetry data in IoT in Manufacturing
– Understanding hardware requirements
– Velos IoT OEM Solutions

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“Velos IoT provides the service and solutions you’d expect from a large provider, yet somehow the support and response times are that of a local business!”

Klaus Meldegaard

Partner/CTO, NanoLink ApS. Denmark

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Case Study: Clear and Precise Real-Time Equipment Mapping at NanoLink

NanoLink’s success lies in their precise and reliable tracking of numerous tools. To track and map a large number of tools within a wide range, NanoLink needed reliable connectivity, seamless API integration within the deployment workflow and easy SIM management. After careful consideration, they chose Velos IoT as their preferred supplier for global coverage and reliable connectivity easy API integration single platform for SIM estate management.

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