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Velos IoT is a leading supplier of connectivity to the Internet of Things with over 20+ years in the market. Velos combines the businesses of Jersey-based Velos IoT, Estonia’s Top Connect, and Danish NextM2M into a global powerhouse providing connectivity to over 17 million connected devices around the world.

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Connect Your Business for Strategic Impact

Harness the power of connectivity with Velos IoT. We are a global integrated connectivity provider with extensive experience in delivering IoT services via proprietary core and roaming agreements. Supported by a team of 120+ and with over 700 global networks, Velos IoT provides customers with sustainable, scalable, compliant, and secure access to connectivity.

At Velos IoT, we value the agility and resilience IoT customers require. We have shipped over 17 million SIMs worldwide and offer solutions to businesses of all sizes – from small specialist players to huge manufacturers. Our portfolio unlocks flexibility in integration options, covering features around security and resilience.


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Leader in IoT Connectivity

Velos IoT has an active roadmap to develop its global IoT connectivity and connectivity management platform solutions. We actively collaborate with our customers and partners to innovate and create the solutions businesses need. Get in touch with one of our IoT experts to explore how Velos IoT can help your company.

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Our Core Team

Meet the experts and veterans dedicated to your success in IoT.

Colin Chew

Chief Executive Officer

IoT visionary with 20+ years of experience in the IoT market; transformational leader.


Kevin Sparks

Chief Growth Officer

Our driver of customer success & growth with extensive experience in emerging and established tech.

Frank Vernieuwe

Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned telco expert with 25+ years of experience, passionate about excellent customer experiences.

Ben Hudson

Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished & internationally experienced expert with a distinguished record of success in driving shareholder value.