IoT Connectivity for Agriculture: Enhancing Yields with Actionable Insights

From crop management and livestock tracking to cutting-edge irrigation technologies, we are empowering agriculture solution providers worldwide to provide industry-leading services. Our world-class connectivity and management capabilities are all you’ll need to enhance performance and augment sustainable operations.

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The best IoT Connectivity for Agriculture Applications

Velos IoT offers versatile cellular IoT connectivity for agricultural operations, catering to various needs from low-power sensor networks to real-time tractor telematics and drone operations, spanning from 2G to 4G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

Our global coverage ensure optimal coverage in remote agricultural areas, guaranteeing devices always access the best connection available. With features like real-time connectivity data for issue detection, troubleshooting capabilities, tailored pricing for seasonal flexibility, data pooling options for balanced consumption, and business efficiency tools like APIs, we empowers agricultural businesses to enhance connectivity, optimize costs, and streamline operations efficiently.


Plug into one of the best global IoT networks with industry-leading coverage.


Gain control of all aspects of deployment – from provisioning and monitoring to billing.


Easily visualize and monitor all your endpoints in one place in real time.


Single provider for worldwide connectivity that ensures your solutions are scalable.

One Platform, Total Control

Nomad, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is built for flexibility: enjoy easy provisioning, customized automation, simplified billing, and worldwide visualization at your fingertips. Whether you’d like to use it as-is or integrate it into your solution, our robust CMP has you covered. Leverage the best in SIM and eSIM management to unlock great customer experiences.

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Addressing Connectivity Challenges in Agriculture

Our specialists excel in crafting tailored connectivity solutions using advanced technologies such as 4G, 5G, LPWAN, and eSIM specifically designed to ensure your agricultural deployments are both future-proof and cost-effective. With a global management of over 30 million endpoints, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is expertly designed to support deployments on a worldwide scale, catering to the unique needs of the agriculture industry.

For rural and remote farmlands

Agricultural sites are often situated in remote or rural areas with limited network coverage, leading to unreliable connectivity. Tap into our industry-leading global coverage made available through multiple form factors of SIMs and eSIMs. Our eSIM solutions give you the flexibility of over-the-air profile switching and multi-carrier functionalities to ensure your asset never goes out of range.

For secure agriculture data transfer

Ensuring the security of sensitive agricultural data transmitted over networks is crucial to protect against cyber threats and data breaches. We have different network integration models available, including private APN, VPN, fixed IP networks, to ensure your agriculture data is protected.

For trackability and insights

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), will be your single source of insight and visibility for all your SIMs, eSIMs, and endpoints. Our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is rich in features that allow you to control agriculture data usage and optimize performance.

For scalability of agricultural operations

Adapting connectivity solutions to accommodate the scalability of agricultural operations, especially during peak seasons, can be complex and require flexible solutions. Our all-in-one managed IoT connectivity solution is made to prepare you for global deployment.

“Velos IoT provides us with a single vendor that allows global connectivity so we can focus our resources on our core products and services. At a glance, we can use the Velos IoT portal to see how our devices are working through the world and identify problematic devices. Best of all, the staff at Velos IoT are knowledgeable and responsive when we have questions.”

Brian Klawinski

Managing Director, FieldWise LLC

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Case Study: Connected Centre Pivot Monitoring for Better Irrigation at FieldWise

FieldWise is an agricultural manufacturer committed to environmentally friendly farming. Its IoT-enabled centre pivots, moisture probe readers, and other sensors need reliable signals in rural areas. The watering systems operated by this equipment pump 800-1200 gallons per minute, so a lapse in connectivity could mean large-scale waste and crop damage. Velos IoT provides an elegant solution for FieldWise’s challenges:

• 700+ roaming agreements allow worldwide deployment with redundant coverage
• The Nomad operating system puts SIM management in one easily accessible platform
• Robust connectivity shortens the response time to weather events and network outages

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Fieldwise uses Velos IoT Cellular IoT connectivy for Central Pivot Monitoring

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