Nomad: Streamlined IoT Connectivity Management Platform

Explore Nomad, our robust, adaptable, and scalable IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). Centralize the management of your SIM and eSIM estates, handling provisioning, monitoring, and billing all in one convenient location. With a track record of managing over 30 million endpoints, Nomad provides a range of solutions, spanning from connected devices to network connections and broadband services.

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Maximize Your ROI with IoT Connectivity Management Solutions

Maximize your IoT connectivity management efficiency with the Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform.

Global Visibility

Get a unified view of devices, connectivity strength, and carrier networks. Monitor your assets and SIM/eSIM estate in real time.

IoT Connectivity Management

Easily Use or Integrate

Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform is intuitive to use, exhaustive in features and simple to integrate into existing systems.

Simplified Control

Provision or suspend devices, edit tariffs, set watchdogs, get alerts, send/receive SMS, and manage billing, all in one place.

Carrier-Grade Security

Control SIMs, users, and data, with dedicated tools. Automate monitoring and security rules to identify rogue devices and external threats.

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White Paper: A Quick Guide to IoT Connectivity Management Platforms

A connectivity management platform, also known as a CMP, is an app that allows you to manage the networking component of your IoT system, where you can track and monitor all your IoT devices across the globe. To better understand how this benefits you, it’s useful to know how IoT systems operate.

In this guide we will explore:

What is an IoT connectivity management platform
What are the benefits of using such a platform
The functions and functionalities of a good connectivity management platform
What functionalities has Velos IoT chosen for our proprietary Nomad platform

Download this guide to learn more about connectivity management platforms and why you should choose one for your business.

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Everything you need to know about IoT Connectivity Management Platforms

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