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Improve your service availability and optimize connectivity with eSIM technology. Harness the power of multiple operator profiles and flexible carrier management while avoiding operator lock-in. IoT eSIMs are the future of connectivity, and no one understands IoT eSIMs like we do.

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Futureproof Your Business with IoT eSIM

Step into the future of IoT with industry-leading eSIM technology, coupled with our industry-leading connectivity.

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Everything You Need to Know About eSIM for IoT

This in-depth eSIM guide for IoT offers a deep dive into the complexities of eSIM technology within IoT environments. By examining the details of eSIM solutions, showcasing their benefits, and offering practical insights, this guide becomes an invaluable asset for companies aiming to utilize eSIM in their IoT projects.

In this guide, you will gain insight from the following: 

• Understand the distinctions between Consumer eSIM and M2M/IoT eSIM
• Navigating eUICC vs eSIM
• Understand the differences between Multi-IMSI vs eUICC
• Explore the benefits of using eSIM in IoT devices
• How to choose the right eSIM provider for your IoT projects 
• Manage eSIM profiles and connectivity 
• Future trends in eSIM technology for IoT
• Future-proof your Business with Velos IoT eSIM Solutions

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Future-Proof Your Connectivity with Velos IoT eSIM Connect – eSIM for IoT

The introduction of eSIM into the connectivity marketplace is quickly changing the way IoT networks handle their connectivity. Essentially, IoT eSIM transfers the power from the Network Operator to enterprises and customers, but they also offer a variety of other benefits for the customer in addition to those available with IoT SIMs.

Perhaps most importantly, when applied well, IoT eSIM reduces the total cost of the IoT solution — increasing return on investment, in turn. If you’re thinking of how IoT eSIM can benefit your business, then Velos IoT, as an eSIM supplier, is here to help you.

In this white paper you will find more on:

• The evolution of eSIM, from traditional SIM to eSIM and beyond
• What do you need to know before switching to eSIM
• How to know if an eSIM is a good match for your organisation
• How to get the most out of an eSIM with circular eSIM management
• How Velos IoT eSIM Connect makes eSIM easy

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One Platform, Total Control

Nomad, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is built for flexibility: easy provisioning, customized automation, simplified billing, and worldwide visualization are now at your fingertips. Whether you’d like to use it as-is or integrate it into your solution, our robust CMP has you covered. Leverage the best in SIM and eSIM management to unlock great customer experiences.

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