eSIM Profile: Open. Flexible. Truly Intelligent.

Benefit from 700+ direct roaming agreements in over 200 countries and territories. Our solution can be used both in consumer eSIM solutions as well as Industrial eSIM Solutions. We have 3 Main Velos IoT eSIM Profile use cases for your choice: eSIM Bootstrap, eSIM Fallback and eSIM Production Profiles. Ensure the success of your IoT deployment with Velos IoT eSIM Profile’s intelligence and flexibility

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Velos IoT eSIM Profile

Our solution, Velos IoT eSIM Profile enables enterprise, MNO or OEM customers to integrate Velos IoT’s profile into their eSIM solutions. Benefiting from over 700+ roaming agreements in more than 200 countries and territories, Velos IoT eSIM Profile provides a truly global intelligent connectivity solution for bootstrap, fallback or production use cases on the latest global GSMA standard SGP.02 V3.2, and is fully SAS-SM accredited.

Seamless Management

Control, automate and manage your eSIM profiles in our Connectivity Management Platform Nomad, which is responsible for eSIM lifecycle management and data rating and charging. You can use our API to integrate with your system for full automation.

Smart Integration Models

At Velos IoT we can integrate your eSIM solution SM-SR (Subscription Manager-Security Routing) to our SM-DP (Data Preparation), or if you prefer we can load our eSIM Profiles directly into your SM-DP. During manufacture our eSIM Profile can be integrated directly into your eSIM solution, or to your multi-IMSI solution.

eSIM Supplier Intelligence

Velos IoT is highly experienced in working with major SIM suppliers in the world, which means that the transfer of eSIM Profile credentials is fast, secure and flexible. We can deliver the profiles to you in shortened times as we will handle all burdens for you, leaving you to focus on your core business.

Control Carrier Switching

Gain full control of cost and functionality by allowing or blocking networks with our control carrier switching tool.

Use eSIM to Enable Open, Flexible and Truly Intelligent Global Connectivity

eSIM, a specification defined by GSMA, has long been recognised as the future for the IoT industry, however, nobody really talks about how to use it, or how a tier two or three operators or enterprise service provider might use it. It seems that Operators and Enterprises don’t use it because it’s too complex and too expensive. So, the real issue here is “how can we use eSIM to help our customers?” The industry needs to break down the barriers and simplify the process. And this is what Velos IoT is doing.

Download this white paper to gain insight on how to use eSIM to enable open, flexible and truly intelligent global connectivity, and what is Velos IoT’s eSIM Profiles role in achieving this.

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Global IoT Connectivity Partner with Flexible Solutions

Simplify your supply chain by connecting your IoT devices anywhere in the world, the moment they are switched on with out-of-the-box global IoT connectivity.

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