Ultimate Support

Welcome to Velos IoT, where seamless connectivity meets industry-leading support.

At Velos, we take pride in offering not just connectivity solutions but a complete ecosystem that ensures your IoT experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Step into the realm of “Ultimate Support,” where our commitment transcends boundaries and time zones to provide you with assistance, whenever you need it.

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Experience the Velos IoT Support

Velos IoT’s Ultimate Support is not just a service; it is a commitment to your resilient connectivity journey. What sets us apart?

Global Presence, Local Expertise

Our dedicated support teams in the USA, UK, Jersey, Denmark, and Estonia provide global reach with local insights. Wherever you are, our experts are ready. Use the Velos IoT Customer Portal for direct incident or service request submission, eliminating the need for emails or texts. This seamless portal creates a ticket in our Jira Service Management system, streamlining the process for our Support team to quickly address your needs.

Around-the-Clock Vigilance

In the dynamic landscape of IoT, incidents can happen anytime. That is why our support is available in accordance with agreed service levels. As part of your service level commitment, a resolute on-call team is ready to take your calls, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly.

Seamless Incident Management

Distinguishing between a service request and an incident is fundamental to efficient support. Velos IoT excels in incident management, swiftly addressing connectivity challenges, disruptions to system integrity, or any hiccups in your IoT ecosystem. Our robust triage process, powered by Jira Service Management, ensures that each incident ticket is quickly and accurately prioritized, with specialized attention to the unique complexities of connectivity issues.

Comprehensive Support Services

In addition to incident management, our support extends to various service requests, overseeing general inquiries, processing new product orders, managing change requests, and helping with billing. We go a step further by efficiently fulfilling SIM orders, offering guidance on effective Nomad Self Service Portal utilization, and actively managing your IoT connectivity. This comprehensive support approach enables you to concentrate on your core business, knowing that your diverse IoT needs are expertly managed.

Personalized Severity and Priority Handling

Not all issues are created equal. Velos IoT understands the nuances of severity and priority, categorizing and addressing each ticket with precision. Our internal response and restoration targets ensure swift resolutions, aligning with the urgency of your situation.
At Velos IoT, “Ultimate Support” is not just a service level; it is a commitment to your IoT success.