Enhancing Sustainability with Cellular IoT Connectivity for Energy and Environment

Velos IoT’s cellular IoT connectivity solutions are at the forefront of transforming operations and sustainability initiatives. Through our offering, organizations can effectively track energy consumption, optimize resource usage, and improve environmental monitoring from smart metering, EV charging to HVAC monitoring.

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Great Customer Experiences, Powered by World-Class Connectivity

Incorporate our top-tier connectivity solutions to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your operations in the energy, utilities, and environmental sector. Our offerings encompass access to a global IoT network, utilization of the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) called Nomad for overseeing 30 million endpoints, and utilization of advanced technologies such as 4G, 5G, LPWAN, and eSIM. With our eSIM solution, benefit from adaptable features like over-the-air profile switching and multi-carrier capabilities, providing flexibility and seamless connectivity management for your sector’s specific needs.


Plug into one of the best global IoT networks with industry-leading coverage.


Gain control of all aspects of deployment – from provisioning and monitoring to billing.


Easily visualize and monitor all your endpoints in one place in real time.


Single provider for worldwide connectivity that ensures your solutions are scalable.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges in Energy, Utilities and Environment

Overcome connectivity challenges in the Energy, Utilities, and Environment sector with Velos IoT. As a prominent global IoT provider, we deliver IoT connectivity solutions tailored for applications in energy, utilities, and environmental sectors, boasting a strong global footprint with extensive network coverage and scalability. Our customized cellular and eSIM technologies are designed to meet your unique requirements, backed by a team of industry specialists who create personalized solutions. Leverage our platform to deploy and monitor IoT devices, improving operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall optimization with our unwavering support.

For remote or rural areas

Tap into our industry-leading global coverage with over 700 networks in 200+ countries and territories to ensure reliable network coverage in remote areas where energy infrastructure or environmental monitoring equipment is deployed.

For energy data security

Safeguarding sensitive data related to energy consumption, utility operations, and environmental monitoring is crucial to protect against cyber threats and ensure compliance with regulations. Our network security features including private APN, VPN and various network integration models will ensure your data transmission in secure environments.

For scalibility of energy, utlities and environment operations

Our connectivity solutions are easy adaptable to accommodate the scalability of operations, especially in the energy and utilities sectors where demand fluctuates, to ensure efficient and effective monitoring and management for global deployments.

For trackability and insights

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), will be your single source of insight and visibility for all your SIMs, eSIMs, and local networks. Our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is rich in features that allow you to control energy data usage and optimize performance.

One Platform, Total Control

Nomad, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is built for flexibility: enjoy provisioning, customized automation, simplified billing, and worldwide visualization at your fingertips. Whether you’d like to use it as-is or integrate it into your solution, our robust CMP has you covered. Leverage the best in SIM and eSIM management to unlock great customer experiences.

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“Now our support operation runs in ‘proactive’ mode, we can predict when consumers are due to top-up and ensure that we have established connectivity to deliver the tokens. Our support operators can instruct our meters to roam on certain networks that we know perform better in certain areas and weather conditions.

We’ve taken this a step further, integrating MeterPay with Velos through Nomad’s API functions to automate support operations when we have to respond to localised network failures, as well as our management, monitoring, and reporting.”

Daniel Homer

Director at Meterix Limited

Case Study: Integrated Smart Metering Systems at Meterix

Meterix’s prepayment smart metering is a real-time business. A lapse in connectivity or response times means that customers could go without electricity, even if they’ve already paid for it. It was crucial to find a SIM solution with robust connectivity and streamlined operations. Here’s how Velos IoT helped:

• Custom APIs that allow Meterix to integrate and automate key business processes
• SIM refresh and mapping features that save time during service calls
• Auto-generated watchdog reports that enable a proactive approach to customer support

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