eSIM Connect: Ensuring Future-Proof IoT Connectivity with eSIM

Stay ahead with cutting-edge eSIM technology for your IoT solution. Benefit from various form factors, over-the-air profile switching, and multi-carrier support. Coupled with our Ultimate IoT Network and top-tier IoT Connectivity Management Platform, we offer a future-proof eSIM-based IoT connectivity solution.

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Start Your Journey with eSIM Connect

Benefit from the wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technologies honed through years of industry leadership. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to ensuring your success with eSIM technology and the most advanced connectivity management solutions available.


Unrivalled Coverage

Client-driven global coverage and best-in-country quality of service.

Resilient Connectivity

Worldwide connectivity that ensures your solutions are flexible & scalable.

Easy Management

Control every aspect of your deployment and visualize worldwide from one place.

Excellent Support

Customized service-levels to ensure great performance and your peace of mind.

Unlock Flexibility: in Form Factors, in Network Switchability, in Service Levels

Benefit from a modern eSIM solution and Nomad, our state-of-the-art IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), to access over 700 networks in 200+ countries and territories. Start your journey with eSIM Connect and our Ultimate IoT Network spanning 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G on a global and local scale. Unlock network switching capabilities that improve performance with efficiency. Read our white paper, Future-proof Your Connectivity with Velos IoT eSIM Connect, to learn more.

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eSIM Connectivity Hub: Your One-Stop-Shop for eSIM Management

Connect and control your devices’ network subscription, provision operator profiles over the air, and swap them as needed through a single eSIM Connectivity Hub.

– Monitor your connectivity status
– Add or remove operators as your business demands
– Perform individual SIM-level operations or bulk tasks
– Control your data limits and connectivity expenses
– Use actionable insights to improve your services

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Plug in with a Free Starter Kit

Jumpstart your connectivity goals with our IoT SIM card starter kit. Plug into the Ultimate IoT Network and gain access to our best-in-class IoT connectivity management platform with a free starter kit that will give you a taste of our unmatched solutions.

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