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If delighting your end customers with great retail experiences is what you strive for, a strong connectivity provider with industry-leading management capabilities is what you need. Our experts are here to take the load off your connectivity woes so you can concentrate on your customer service.

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Great Customer Experiences, Powered by World-class Connectivity

Integrate our world-class connectivity solutions to futureproof your solutions and operations.


Plug into one of the best global IoT networks with industry-leading coverage.


Gain control of all aspects of deployment – from provisioning and monitoring to billing.


Easily visualize and monitor all your endpoints in one place in real time.


Single provider for worldwide connectivity that ensures your solutions are scalable.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges in Asset Tracking & Telematics

Our experts are experienced in creating customized connectivity solutions with cutting-edge technologies like 4G, 5G, LPWAN, and eSIM to make sure your deployments are futureproof and cost-efficient. With over 30 million endpoints managed globally, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is built for worldwide deployments.

For trackability and visibility challenges

Tap into our industry-leading global coverage made available through multiple form factors of SIMs and eSIMs. Our eSIM solutions give you the flexibility of over-the-air profile switching and multi-carrier functionalities to ensure your asset never goes out of range.

For emission regulations and related policies

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is rich in features that allow you to control data usage and optimize performance.

For asset maintenance challenges

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), will be your single source of insight and visibility for all your SIMs, eSIMs, and endpoints.

For cost management issues

Deploy devices using LPWAN technologies, such as NB-IoT and LTE-M, for massive deployments to ensure low power usage. Leverage cutting-edge eSIM technologies, including over-the-air operator profile switching and multi-carrier features for optimum connectivity.

A Quick Guide to IoT in Retail

Are you ready to transform your retail experience into a seamless, customer-focused IoT in Retail White Paper Covermarvel? Welcome to “A Quick Guide to IoT in Retail,” where we unveil the game-changing power of the Internet of Things in transforming shopping as we know it.

In this white paper, we’re not just discussing technology; we’re exploring a revolution in customer engagement and operational excellence. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large chain, the insights here are poised to redefine your approach to retail. Get ready to discover how IoT enhances and completely reimagines the retail landscape.

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“With the ever-increasing need for mobility and fast deployment of devices, we selected Velos IoT as our partner to complement our other Dial and IP services after doing rigorous testing with several other solutions. The Velos IoT Managed Mobile WAN solutions give us reliability and flexibility, as well as a unique connectivity management platform.”

Alan Stephenson Brown

SVP International Sales and Business Development, Phoenix Managed Networks

Case Study: Secure Managed Connectivity for POS Devices at Phoenix Managed Networks

Today’s shoppers expect speedy, reliable transactions. Phoenix Managed Networks helps retailers, banks, and other payment processing businesses meet that demand with its managed POS services and devices, which enable payment processing away from fixed locations. Phoenix conducted rigorous testing to identify the ideal SIM partner. Velos IoT was the best solution because:
Its non-steered network access provides the most robust connectivity
Granular controls at the single-SIM level boost performance
Automatic issue detection optimizes customer satisfaction

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