Asset Tracking & Telematics: Powering Your Eagle View

Do you know what you need to ensure a bird’s eye view of all your assets deployed across geographies? – A strong worldwide network. Join some of the leading asset management and telematics providers in the world who use our technology and ensure you provide the best tracking & security solutions to your customers.

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Visualize Globally, Track Locally

Integrate our world-class connectivity solutions to futureproof your solutions and operations.


Plug into one of the best global IoT networks with industry-leading coverage.


Gain control of all aspects of deployment – from provisioning and monitoring to billing.


Easily visualize and monitor all your endpoints in one place in real time.


Single provider for worldwide connectivity that ensures your solutions are scalable.

Addressing Connectivity Challenges in Asset Tracking & Telematics

Our experts are experienced in creating customized connectivity solutions with cutting-edge technologies like 4G, 5G, LPWAN, and eSIM to make sure your deployments are futureproof and cost-efficient. With over 30 million endpoints managed globally, our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) is built for worldwide deployments.

For multi-territory complexities

Tap into our industry-leading global coverage made available through multiple form factors of SIMs and eSIMs. Our eSIM solutions give you the flexibility of over-the-air profile switching and multi-carrier functionalities to ensure your asset never goes out of range.

For battery performance issues

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), is rich in features that allow you to control data usage and optimize performance. Moreover, LPWAN solutions like LTE-M can ensure great low-power connectivity.

For trackability and insights

Nomad, our intuitive IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), will be your single source of insight and visibility for all your SIMs, eSIMs, and endpoints.

For cost management issues

Leverage cutting-edge eSIM technologies, including over-the-air operator profile switching and multi-carrier features for optimum connectivity.

A Quick Guide to IoT Asset Tracking

IoT asset tracking is the application of IoT technology to asset management. It connects tagged items in your inventory – transportation, people, shipments and such – to your asset management ecosystem and gives real-time insights into where each item is in the world, how far along it is in your supply chain, and how long it takes each item to move through it.

This guide will cover everything your organisation needs to know about IoT asset tracking. We’ll go through the basics, covering the different types of asset tracking solutions available to you, the benefits effective asset tracking can reap, and various use cases for real-time IoT asset tracking.

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“The market is moving towards eSIMs. Likewise, Velos IoT is also incorporating eSIMs and was very proactive in their communication with us. We will receive one shortly to start testing and we feel confident that with both our hardware partner and Velos IoT, we will be able to integrate this smoothly into our system.”

Jan Broux

Product Manager, Unifly

Case Study: Streamlining Safe Integration of Drones into Airspace with Unifly

As the global leading provider of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, Unifly drives technology to advance the safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation in everyday life. To provide safe and secure drone solutions to their global customer base, Unifly needs connectivity they can rely on no matter the location.

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