Connected Healthcare

Advance Care with Connected Devices

Velos IoT provides a secure, out-of-the-box connectivity service to help service providers improve patient experience.


Develop a Better Healthcare IoT Solution

Connectivity Management Platform

Connect, monitor, and manage on-premise and remote IoT devices from a single management platform.

All SIM Form Global Network

Connect devices to a global network to enable real-time monitoring of hospital assets and patients. Respond quickly to any changes.

Security APN/VPN Routing

Take advantage of telco-grade firewalls and monitor in-transit data with IoT security dashboards.


Use connectivity analytics and data from connected devices to leverage assets more effectively, improving operations and costs while raising the standard on patient care.

Reliable Connectivity for over 36,000 Heart Monitors


m-Health Solutions connects heart monitors and securely transfers data to improve cardiac diagnosis, treatment, and management for over 36,000 patients.


To ensure quality service, m-Health needed connectivity that enables reliable, secure data transfer at a price that makes service and care affordable.


Velos IoT provides cost-effective global connectivity for m-Health’s solution. Velos IoT’s secure, telco-grade network help m-Health ensure customers have reliable heart monitoring while Velos IoT’s Connectivity Management Platform, Nomad, allows m-Health to easily control and monitor devices, accessing insights to manage connectivity and lower costs.

“Typically, global telecommunications firms are very large companies, so it can be more difficult to build a strong relationship with someone who will always be available to look after you. In our business, that sort of personal care is essential – if we have a query, we need it dealt with reliably, swiftly and efficiently, so our service for patients continues without any issues. Velos IoT is able to provide that level of service, and deliver it for the right price. They are also flexible enough to tailor their service to exactly fit our needs…”

– Sandy Schwenger, CEO of m-Health

Connectivity for Medical Devices, Alert Systems, Vehicles, and More

  • Connect Healthcare Analytics for Better Visibility into Performance
  • Manage Healthcare Device Connectivity in Real-Time
  • Increase Flexibility with Remote Equipment Configuration
  • Optimize Efficiency with IoT-Based Hospital Asset Management
  • Implement and Manage Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Secure Healthcare Data with Telco-Grade Infrastructure and Services

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