IoT Connectivity

One Invoice

Global IoT Connectivity


600+ Networks, 200+ Countries and Territories

Spend less time searching for network coverage in different countries and regions when deploying your IoT devices worldwide, managing your devices’ connectivity and invoices. Velos IoT provides an all-in-one IoT Connectivity solution that covers all the above, maximises your investment return, and enhances the smart solution you are building.

Improve Reliability with Non-Steered, Multi-Network Connectivity

Improve network resilience with global open roaming and automated connectivity to any of our 600+ networks.

We Provide Flexible Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Our professional sales and operation teams help you personalise our services to your specific solution with flexible data plans and contracts.

Reduce Time to Market and Complexity with Diverse SIMs

Choose from Standard, Micro, Nano, QFN8/MFF2 Chip, and eUICC SIM cards.

Increase Business and Customer Confidence with High-Level Security

We make sure you can deliver best service to your customers with our high secure global mobile network, telco-grade firewalls, APNs and VPN connectivity.

”We’ve found Velos IoT’s solution to be the most reliable in terms of performance and capability out of all solutions we have tried. In terms of the Velos IoT team, they have been there whenever we needed them. They have been fully supportive of our business needs and they have always been there to help.”

Richard Moore, Chief Executive at Exel Technology Group Limited

The Internet of Things offers an opportunity to streamline business operations and create new revenue streams with new applications and services. Explore opportunities for your business and prepare for global IoT deployments with our white paper.

Flexible and Secure Business IoT Connections

  • Relieve Frustration with Dedicated Support
  • Increase Flexibility by Using Your Own IP Range or Fully Redundant MPLS or VPN
  • Protect Data with Private APNs and IP/SEC VPN Two-Way Cellular Connectivity
  • Provide Consistent Service with Open Roaming Across Multiple Networks
  • Easily Manage Connectivity with the Nomad Platformt
Future-proof your connectivity with Velos IoT eSIM Connect White Paper Image

Future-Proof Your Connectivity With Velos IoT eSIM Connect

At Velos IoT, we can offer you both SIM and eSIM solutions. If you are looking to deploy in countries with roaming restrictions, such as Canada or Brazil, consider implementing eSIM.

With eSIM, businesses can utilise multiple mobile network operator profiles on a single SKU (Stock keeping unit or one card). These profiles can be swapped and used for business needs.

Use eSIM to launch bootstrap, fallback or production profiles to ensure your device is adequately tested in the country of production and then utilize your next network profile for the country of residence for the device. eSIM ensures connection anywhere in the world with a single SIM for IoT.

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