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Driverless car interior with futuristic dashboard for autonomous control system . Inside view of cockpit HUD technology using AI artificial intelligence sensor to drive car without people driver.

Connect Your
Vehicles – No Matter Where They Go

Velos IoT enables automotive, transportation, and telematics companies to connect vehicles and streamline management, efficiency, and driver experiences.

See how Velos IoT’s global roaming partner empowers Excel Technology to connect their taxis and align booking and dispatching for their drivers and passengers.


Keep Vehicles on-track with Non-steered
Multi-network Connectivity

Greater Connectivity

Multi-network, robust connectivity accelerates core business growth and expands the impact of critical technologies. A minimum of three networks in every country ensures fail-safe reliability.

Better Security

Data security through VPN, APN and IPSEC networks protects private information, processes, and the reputation of companies.

Increased Savings

A connectivity-managed platform enables SIM lifecycle management, with automated management of SIM data limits. Customized alerts can be activated to reduce inefficiencies, mitigate overhead, and prevent “bill shock.”

Improved Data

Real-time data collection provides transparency and actionable insights on fleets for internal and external stakeholders.

Lowering Costs with A Consolidated Vehicle Tracking SIM Base


Compass Tracking provides vehicle tracking services with real-time data and reports that help companies increase fleet productivity and efficiency.


To support their customers, Compass Tracking needed a comprehensive network. That resulted in multiple providers and complicated, inefficient management processes.


Compass Tracking partnered with Velos IoT to consolidate their SIM base, gaining access to Velos IoT’s 600+ global roaming agreements. Now they have a single provider and easy connectivity management through the Nomad platform. With Velos IoT as a partner, Compass Tracking reduced costs and increased efficiency, allowing them to focus on business growth.

“From working with Velos IoT over the last number of years they have become an essential partner in our business, from having this relationship we are confident that our M2M communications are in safe hands, allowing us to concentrate on growing the business with the knowledge that we can remain competitive in all potential markets for all of our communications requirements.”

– Christian Litherland, Managing Director at Compass Asset Protection

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