JT IoT launches Connect Brazil to provide customers with unlimited roaming on all major networks in Brazil

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8 December 2021

JT IoT is consistently innovating in the IoT sector, providing businesses with groundbreaking solutions for IoT technology. Today, JT IoT is excited to announce Connect Brazil, a networking service that will open a new market for your company.

JT IoT Connect Brazil

Brazil is one of the most attractive IoT markets. It’s the world’s fifth-largest country with the sixth largest population, and that population is young and becoming increasingly tech-savvy. However, it has long been one of the most challenging countries to deploy IoT solutions in, especially for organisations not based locally. That’s because Brazil has restrictive laws surrounding who can roam. The current rules prevent non-Brazilian IMSIs from roaming for more than ninety days. It poses a significant challenge for non-Brazilian IoT businesses entering the Brazilian market. Most IoT businesses rely on permanent roaming to keep their devices connected.

To fill in the gap, JT IoT created Connect Brazil.

Connect Brazil is a partnered service between JT IoT and local telecom operators in Brazil. Through this partnership, JT IoT can provide customers with unlimited roaming on all major networks in Brazil, allowing businesses to quickly and easily expand to an otherwise unreachable market.

Launching IoT devices in a foreign country can create issues with regulation and taxation, language barriers, and cultural norms.

The new Connect Brazil service solves all these challenges. It’s a single unified solution to manage, deploy, and monitor your IoT devices in Brazil.

The benefits of Connect Brazil

Everything you need in one place

JT IoT has streamlined the process of deploying your assets in Brazil and the rest of the world by giving you access to one connectivity provider, one SIM, and one management platform. As a result, there’s no need to change SIMs when your device arrives in Brazil, no separate roaming contracts to deal with, and you won’t have to worry about juggling multiple platforms to keep track of everything.

Streamline international expenses

One of the core benefits of Connect Brazil is that it streamlines your international IoT expenses. JT IoT has already navigated the ins and outs of the regulations and tax requirements for you. Through Connect Brazil, you have a single portal that you can use to pay for connectivity, manage your compliance with Brazil’s tax laws, and cover your invoices.

Reduce time to market

Connect Brazil not only opens up the Brazilian IoT market but allows you to enter it much faster. It takes care of the logistics for you, letting you focus on succeeding in a new marketplace. This can make you more competitive, reduce your costs, and bring your investment to fruition in a shorter timeframe.

Unique roaming capabilities

Of course, the key benefit to using Connect Brazil is its unique roaming capabilities. Because most IoT companies cannot offer this service, they find the Brazilian market challenging. This innovative service opens up new possibilities for expansion and growth through access to all the major Brazilian networks.

Partner with JT IoT today and take advantage of Connect Brazil

Are you ready to take the next step on your IoT journey? Reach out to the IoT experts at JT IoT today to see how Connect Brazil can assist you.