LTE-M Coverage Map

LTE-M Coverage Map

Our LTE-M Coverage Map shows you our PSM / eDRX feature availability in different countries. You can find both available and validated LTE-M networks in each country.

What is PSM?

Short for power-saving mode, PSM is a recent feature of cellular networking explicitly designed for IoT devices. As its name implies, it allows idling devices to be placed in a low-power mode, conserving a maximum amount of energy when the IoT device is not in use. 

What is eDRX?

Similar to PSM, eDRX is a power-saving feature of cellular networks. It was created for mobile devices rather than the IoT sector specifically. What separates eDRX from PSM is its focus on when devices are connected to the network. It allows the device to disconnect and reconnect to the network as needed, reducing time spent roaming.

Read our PSM & eDRX in LTE-M and NB-IoT explainer blog to learn more details.

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Country Available Validated Total