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One platform, one invoice and one SIM to orchestrate all your connectivity needs – from your global network selection, to over the air provider changes and consolidated estate support. Manage your eSIM solution with the right partner for a global scale.

Velos IoT eSIM Connect

Our solution is based on the latest global GSMA standard SGP.02 V3.2, and is fully SAS-SM accredited.

Unrivaled coverage

At Velos IoT, we offer one of the best global profiles. Use Velos IoT’s global connectivity or some of our partner carriers’ profiles to expand your coverage further.

Built for the future

Make sure to future-proof your connectivity and select a partner that helps you choose the right solution for your needs. We build to avoid the effect of 2G and 3G sunsets.

Excellent support

Velos IoT Support team will verify that your module, device, firmware and application all support the eSIM requirements. In case a problem occurs, we will assist you in finding a solution.

Simple business integration

Velos IoT’s proprietary Connectivity Management Platform Nomad comes with both a UI and APIs that can easily integrate with your business.

Certified eSIM solution

Our eSIM solution is certified with the latest GSMA SGP.02.v3.2 specification and is fully interoperable with all eSIM suppliers and MNOs on the market. We offer the full range of eUICC form factors and robustness options.

Unified service

No matter if you use Velos IoT’s connectivity or our partners’ solutions, you always get one SIM, one invoice, one Connectivity Management Platform and one single point of contact.

Switch network, on any number of devices, whenever you need

Benefit from a modern eSIM solution together with Velos IoT’s state of the art IoT Connectivity Services with roaming on +600 network in 210+ countries and territories. All managed efficiently in Velos IoT’s Nomad Connectivity Management Platform.

With eSIM Connect, we make it easy for you to connect devices anywhere in the world. Start your journey with eSIM Connect and Velos IoT’s global connectivity and expand your coverage area and (data capacity) effortlessly with our upcoming partners’ connectivity, as your demand increases. With Velos IoT eSIM Connect, we will offer you the best connectivity solution at all times – 2G, 3G, 4G or CAT-M1 on a global and local scale. We allow you to change between different providers.

Our Connectivity Management Platform Nomad allows you to manage your connectivity efficiently. One platform, one invoice and one tool to orchestrate all your connectivity needs. We offer you one of the best customer support teams to help you onboard, manage and improve your global deployments. We will make sure the solution fits your business need and will assist you with device verification, to make sure your estate support all necessary eSIM requirements and are ready for successful deployment.

We are your eSIM partner for global deployments!

A full service MNO transfer you can trust:

  • All eSIM form factors and robustness classes included
  • Service providers can support your eSIM transfer without needing to update their core systems
  • All devices are tested for core functionality before and after a network transfer
  • Manage all of your SIMs through the Connectivity Hub platform
  • Works with all integration models

Enter the cycle

‘Future-proof your connectivity with the digital repeatable model of an eSIM. While regular SIMs come with a predefined MNO, eSIMs allow you to enter a circular post-issuance cycle, where you can swap your network provider as you need. Built for better IoT solutions, Velos IoT eSIM Connect opens the door for businesses to take control of the SIM connectivity and move from being locked with one provider for a long time, to flexible activation and deactivation with a digital SIM.

Learn about eSIM

Velos IoT’s vision is to simplify the complex world of connectivity and make sure that you get maximum benefits from your IoT deployment. But every great deployments starts with understanding the technology. We have created a number of webinars to help you understand what is eSIM, what is the implementation process, which industries have already adopted it and what is the future of the technology. Watch on demand our experts and guest industry leaders discuss the benefits and setbacks of eSIM.

Every great IoT journey starts with understanding what solution you need.

Why Velos IoT?

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Global Connections

Velos IoT has over 600+ partnerships with other mobile operators in more than 200 countries around the world. We specialise in secure, scalable and sustainable IoT deployments for small and large businesses.

Nomad MNVO.


Velos IoT is at the forefront of emerging telecom tech, including the Internet of Things, global coverage, and mobile security. eSIM Insure is supported by groundbreaking technology and industry pioneers, giving you access to the very best services available. Every one of our services is held to the highest standards, providing you with total confidence and security.

Speak to an Expert

Schedule a meeting with one of our IoT experts to explore how Velos IoT solutions can open up new opportunities for your business.

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