Connect Canada

Connect your IoT business in Canada

Connect Canada is a flexible solution to Canadian IoT roaming restrictions. It eliminates all barriers to entering the Canadian IoT market by connecting you as a local subscriber in Canada.

Connect Canada

A complete solution for IoT businesses to enter the Canadian market through a centralised platform, flexible connectivity offering and a consolidated invoice.

Improved connectivity through eSIM

Use eSIM to connect your IoT devices in the Canadian market. No wasteful replacement of physical SIMs.

Connect without restrictions

Access Canada as a local subscriber on a local network no matter where your devices were produced and tested.

Manage through eSIM Connectivity Hub

Activate, suspend or limit consumption on your eSIM profile. Monitor device connectivity status and never lose a device through the eSIM Connectivity Hub.

Change eSIM profiles as needed with a click without restrictions

Swap back to a fallback Velos IoT profile in case of emergency. Deploy your devices at any location in the world without the need to use multiple providers.

Make the right choice for your Canadian IoT business

  • Optimise your logistic sourcing and management with one single SKU that can hold multiple network operator profiles. Smooth, global connectivity management from a single platform
  • Streamline your connectivity sourcing and expenses with a partner that can give you both global and local connectivity in Canada with one contract, one bill, one platform and a dedicated support.
  • Reduce the time to market and hand over complex integrations and MNO negotiations to Velos IoT.

Manage your Canadian IoT Business through the eSIM Connectivity Hub

Manage your eSIM profiles with an intuitive orchestration platform – eSIM Connectivity Hub, without physically swapping SIMs to change the network profile. Learn more about the eSIM Connectivity Hub

Connect Canada: manage your Canadian IoT business through Velos IoT eSIM Connectivity Hub

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