A Quick Guide to LPWAN

Modern connected devices need to balance between data rates, better power efficiency and longer signal range. This is where Low Power Wide Area Networks come into play with their longer-range signals and additional protocols for reduced device power consumption.

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A Quick Guide to IoT Asset Tracking

IoT asset tracking is one of the fastest-growing connected fields, with benefits ranging from optimisation and cost-savings to loss-prevention, predictive analytics and more. Start your journey by learning the basics with our quick guide to asset tracking.

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A Quick Guide to Connectivity Management Platforms

Are connectivity management platforms an essential tool for IoT? Download this guide to learn more about connectivity management platforms and why you should choose one for your business.

eSIM Connect.

Future-Proof your Connectivity with Velos IoT eSIM Connect

Perhaps most importantly, when applied well, eSIM solutions reduce the total cost of the IoT solution — increasing return on investment, in turn. If you’re thinking of how IoT and eSIM can benefit your business, then Velos IoT is here to help you.

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Use eSIM to enable Open, Flexible and Truly Intelligent Global Connectivity

IoT organisations need simplicity, flexibility and openness from their connectivity suppliers and eSIM is the solution. Learn more about Velos IoT’s journey in transforming the telecoms industry with eSIM.

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The Internet of Robotic Things 

The Internet of Robotic Things, or IoRT, describes the budding relationship between two distinct yet closely related fields: the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics. Both have become increasingly popular over the last decade and, more recently, have begun to intertwine. 

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How to Find the Ideal Global Broadcast Connection you need?

Whether you’re broadcasting the news, bringing live sports to a global audience, or sharing a live event with your followers, all global broadcasts are made up of three key elements: content (what you are displaying to your viewers), equipment (the hardware you are using to broadcast), and connectivity (how you are sharing your broadcast with the rest of the world).

IoT SIM Card.

Everything you need to know about IoT SIMs: A Quick Guide

IoT devices have unique needs from other smart devices like phones and tablets. They need to be able to maintain a secure connection at nearly all times, survive in harsher conditions, and meet the specific needs of your IoT project’s goals.

IoT Connectivity.

A Quick Guide to IoT Connectivity

Connectivity is the foundation of the Internet of Things, and managing connectivity effectively is the key to unlocking all of the benefits of IoT technology. Ensure that your IoT network is secure, resilient, and flexible from the start.

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The Future of Smart Cities and IoT

By this point, we can all agree that connectivity is what makes a city smart. Cars, traffic lights, utility metering, smart housing and many more are interacting with each other to elevate our cities to their true potential.

Remote Patient Monitoring Guide.

Healthcare Service Provider: A Complete Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is becoming an essential part of future healthcare. With the advancement of IoT, RPM enters a new stage of development, where we are now talking about the practical implementation of IoT-enabled healthcare delivery.

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Preparing for Global IoT Deployments

With more than 20 billion devices forecast to be connected by 2020, from waste bins to tractors, the Internet of Things offers a huge opportunity for organisations across any vertical.

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Velos IoT Channel Partner’s Handbook

Discover what it means to become a channel partner with our Velos IoT Channel Partner’s Handbook. Get a free copy of the Velos IoT Partner’s Handbook white paper, to find out the benefits for both you and your customers. From this white paper, you will gain insights on the following aspects

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Velos IoT Solution Overview

As modern industries transition to the IoT, operators, particularly within the B2B2C sector, are facing with new business models. Industrial customers not only need connectivity but also a complete management platform with relevant supply chain functionality, automated provisioning, deep insight and advanced billing capabilities.