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JT IoT and learnd announce partnership to empower more efficient and sustainable building management by combining learnd’s Open Data Platform with JT IoT’s first-in-class global connectivity. This will allow building engineers and experts to gain enhanced real-time data from all data sources within each estate no matter where in the world the building is located. 

John Clifford, Co-Founder & CEO of learnd said: “We currently have a perfect storm where customers are wanting better spaces for their building occupants at the same time as energy costs are rising significantly. This means there is a huge need for a more sustainable, energy efficient and most importantly, smarter way to manage buildings around the world.

Increasingly engineers, architects and building managers seek better monitoring and management solutions that collect real-time data and allow them to do predictive analytics and maintenance before problems occur. However, collecting data from all building systems (such as Building Management Systems (BMS), smart meters or environmental sensors) into one system is challenging.

To address this challenge, we have created our Open Data Platform, which integrates with existing building systems – irrespective of vendor, model or age – to put real-time data in the hands of both our customers and our field engineers. This allows them to gain insights into all building systems and make them more efficient

By partnering with JT IoT, learnd’s customers will be able to take advantage of this capability, irrespective of their location. JT IoT’s IoT connectivity will enable learnd to handle more data connections, scale the data package requirements for each estate and connect to any type of network around the world, including in markets with roaming restrictions like the USA, Brazil and Canada.”

Graeme Millar, CEO of JT IoT said: “We are excited to be partnering with learnd on such an important sustainable solution. At JT IoT we strive to build the best global IoT network that would allow our customers to grow and innovate and we are happy to see our solution is helping millions of engineers build a better future.”

The new enhanced solution will combine JT IoT’s network footprint with learnd’s vast customer-base, reaching 1 in 10 large non-residential buildings in the UK alone by the end of 2022.


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About learnd

learnd was founded in 2020 to disrupt the way buildings operate with a purpose to create a world where all buildings deliver outcomes for everyone. learnd do this by combining their open data platform with vast engineering capabilities and a guarantee-backed service offering. We’re already helping customers manage over 1 in 20 large non-residential buildings in the UK and expect to grow this to 1 in 10 by the end of 2022. 

learnd is making building outcomes a reality across our customers’ diverse portfolios – whether that’s a carbon free future or spaces that can flex to meet the needs of their people. What sets us apart is our approach – we can work with any legacy system, not just our own tech. This is not something everyone can do. As a result, we’re empowering our customers with the insights they need and the control they want over their real estate.

Together with learnd’s partners, which include global leaders such as Honeywell, Schneider Electric and Siemens, they are helping customers increase the performance of their buildings whilst progressing on their path to Net Zero.