IoT Meets Robotics

IoT Meets Robotics Infographic

Many industries can benefit from the fruitful relation between IoT and Robotics. 

Our team has prepared an infographic to illustrate which are the industries that can benefit the most from implementing a combination of  IoT and Robotics and how exactly that would change them.  

IoT Sim Card for broadcasting.

One single SIM for uninterrupted global live broadcasting

Managing dropped connections during a live stream can be a complicated process reliant on large set of encoders with integrated modems. The result – inconvenient check-ins, cumbersome connectivity and manual switch of broadcast SIMs.

Smart City Infographic.

Smart City: Predictions And Challenges For 2019

Narrowband-IoT connectivity takes advantage of previously unused cellular channels that only transmit small amounts of data at a time. Since the vast majority of smart city IoT devices only need to send small amounts of data at a time; this offers an uncrowded, long range, and low-power connectivity solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring Infographic.

Infographic: 5 Things To Consider When Looking For a Remote Patient Monitoring IoT Partner

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has the potential to transform patient care completely. If implemented widely, it will revolutionise the patient experience and enable healthcare services to manage their resources much more effectively than they can now by alleviating the pressure of healthcare systems around the world.

Smart Lighting.

Infographic: IoT Connectivity is Critical in Smart Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important and essential electrical infrastructures in a city, and also one of the most demanding in terms of high energy consumption and resource expenditure. The adoption of energy-efficient LED smart lighting enabled by IoT connectivity collects and monitors the lighting intelligently, which bring significant benefits for everyone from government and city planners, right down to the consumers and proverbial ‘man on the street’.

SIM Form Factors Infographic

Infographic: SIM Form Factors/SIM Sizes

To successful connect your IoT devices, you need SIM Cards. Do you know what the available SIM form factors in the IoT/M2M market are? Which SIM sizes are available and suitable for your business?

POS transaction.

Infographic: Why Point of Sale (PoS) Needs High Data Connectivity

Point of Sale (POS) devices are no longer only being used as payment processing tools, They have evolved into databases for valuable customer information and retail insights.

Stepping blocks.

Infographic: 5 Steps to launch your IoT-Enabled Business

To launch an IoT-enabled business is not an easy task for OEMs. It requires not only innovation in physical products but also the software expertise. How to launch your IoT business by linking the two together?

Vehicle Tracking.

Infographic: Vehicle Tracking Needs Global Connectivity

Vehicle Tracking Solution Providers rely completely on quality vehicle connectivity. This becomes increasingly challenging when transportations move across borders and countries, with weak coverage in remote or rural areas.