Velos IoT has 600+ roaming agreements in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. We have the global IoT coverage you need for your IoT deployment worldwide. To give you flexibility in networks and full control of your costs, we structure our global IoT coverage into zones – 0 to 6. Higher zones automatically include the zones below them. For example, Zone 2 includes networks in Zone 2 and Zone 1. Accordingly, as we go up the zones, costs are expected to increase.

For network coverage details and the most up to date network information, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to our team at

Please note that our coverage is provided by local network operators and, as with all mobile networks, complete coverage of a country is not guaranteed.

There are countries with special device roaming restrictions, such as Canada, Brazil, India and more. We have tailored solutions for devices intended for such locations. To learn more about such options, please contact us.

Interested in our LTE-M coverage? View our LTE-M Coverage Map here.

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